"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Charles Dickens

"Billionaires are made in recessions!" Michael D. Butler

"The skills you learn here will greatly improve your life and income, Michael is rock solid and full of integrity, he wants you to succeed more than you do! Not everyone wants to be a billionaire, but if you know you were born for more and are hungry to achieve it no matter what, this is for you!" Thom Black

During this exciting Mastermind

You will learn how to:

THINK like a Billionaire

EXECUTE like a Billionaire

GIVE like a Billionaire

You will learn the secrets that take six figure earners to millionaires and millionaires to billionaires.

In this mastermind I unveil the secrets to make your brand epic and create a BILLION DOLLAR BRAND.

Based on Michael D. Butler's new book BILLIONAIRE INFLUENCE and his 35 years of research into Billionaires that are making a difference.

TEXT: BBB to 918-955-3227 to see if YOU qualify!

You'll uncover your core message around your core product and how to deliver massive value to add more zeros. This will help you to STOP repelling money and become a money magnet.

You'll learn ways to enlist Joint Venture partners to systemize your selling system without any money out of pocket so you can keep your pipeline full with qualified leads and sales.

You'll go from obscurity to preeminence with a new army of brand evangelists talking about you and your brand 24/7 After several successful exits Butler's publishing company did $3 Million during the pandemic. Get ready to change your bottom line!

BONUS: We Show You HOW to Leverage ChatGPT and AI

You'll be able to create targeted marketing campaigns that reach your ideal readers and drives engagement.

You'll learn how to use AI to identify and target the influencers who will get you on more stages and podcasts with your branded book.

Learn how to THINK like a Billionaire,
How to EXECUTE like a Billionaire

How to GIVE like a Billionaire

You will Experience How to:

·       Find Your Voice · Write Your Book · Engage Your Tribe
· Storytelling Masterclass
· Social Media Masterclass
·      Create Your Keynote/Workshop
·      How to Get in the News with Press Releases
·       Strategy on long-term setting up your premium membership website $$$
BONUS: INCLUDES  1-hour 1-on-1 coaching with Michael D.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to take your business and life to the next level and connect with your customers and other CEO peers like never before!

This is a $5,000 value for $297 (almost full)

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